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Why is blockchain technology generating so much buzz in 2023?

Why Is Blockchain Technology Generating So Much Buzz?
Why Is Blockchain Technology Generating So Much Buzz In 2023? 7

There have been occasions in the past where attempts to create digital money have failed, primarily because of security and trust difficulties. With the help of its Blockchain technology, Bitcoin had a remedy for that. In contrast to previous databases, Blockchain is run by its users and has no central administration.

Additionally, the information it contains cannot be altered or falsified. The entire buzz and demand was sparked by this. For obvious reasons, blockchain has expanded beyond cryptocurrencies and finds use in numerous real-world applications. This is the point at which we may begin considering the potential of blockchain technology.

On the Blockchain, the entire network of computer systems can duplicate and share this digital ledger. The records of all transactions or changes on the Blockchain are available to every participant. Distributed Ledger Technology is the name of this database (DLT.) An unchangeable cryptographic signature known as a hash is used to record transactions on the Blockchain.

Special algorithms make up a hash. It is an immutable ledger with exceptional data security, according to this. It quickly becomes clear if just one block in the chain is changed. Hackers would have a very tough time breaking into the system without altering each block in the chain across all distributed versions. These blockchains include ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Types of Blockchain

Beyond the underlying technology, blockchain is divided into two categories: permissioned blockchain and public blockchain. A public blockchain is an open record of all transactions that take place in a specific network. Anyone can join the network by running the open-source software on their computer because it is an open network. As a result of the network’s size, determining the ledger’s current state can be time- and energy-consuming. A public blockchain is used by digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ether to transfer value and track ownership.

An alternative is a permissioned blockchain, which has an owner that is often a utility, business, or group of businesses. The network has a special mechanism for achieving consensus on the state of the ledger, and only authorized members are allowed to join. The network frequently responds faster than open blockchains. Quorum is a prime illustration of a permissioned blockchain. J.P. Morgan created the Quorum platform, which leverages blockchain technology to handle confidential transactions.

Blocks are frequently mentioned, but what are they? Digital bits of information that make up blocks are largely divided into three categories:

  • Transaction details such the date, time, and transaction amount are stored in blocks.
  • Additionally, the name used to do the transaction is recorded. But in this instance, the name is a digital signature without any personal information.
  • Every block has a special code that distinguishes it from others called a hash.

Why is blockchain technology needed?

A method to hold everyone to the highest standard of accountability is the blockchain. No more missed transactions, mistakes made by people or machines, or transactions carried out without the parties’ approval.

The most important area where Blockchain contributes is in ensuring the authenticity of transactions by documenting them not only on the main register but also on a connected distributed system of registers that are all connected through a secure validation mechanism.

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Why Is Blockchain Technology Generating So Much Buzz In 2023? 8

Blockchain technology applications and its future:

The future Blockchain applications and this technology have drawn the interest of numerous companies from numerous industries and areas. Furthermore, blockchain technology has been included in numerous studies as a sort of disruptive technology that has the potential to gain wider acceptance globally.

Let’s take a look how Blockchain technology will be used in many industries in the future.

The Financial Industry’s Future with Blockchain: Blockchain technology has delivered on its promise and demonstrated consistency when it comes to tracking financial assets. After seeing the potential and positive effects of this technology, several financial institutions made investments in it.

Blockchain is able to address the flow and deals of black money flow because to its transparent ledger architecture. The possibility of having more effective rules over the economics of the nations is being considered by governments.

Future of Blockchain in Cybersecurity: The future application of blockchain technology will mostly revolve around cybersecurity, for obvious reasons. The data is protected and verified even though the Blockchain ledger is public and distributed. To remove weaknesses like illegal data manipulation, encryption is carried out using cryptography.

Cloud Storage with Blockchain: A substantial danger of data loss, hacking, and human error exists when using centralized servers. Similar to how Blockchain technology is used in cybersecurity, cloud storage may be made more secure and resistant to hackers by implementing it.

Blockchain application in digital advertising: Because of the issues with digital advertising, such as bot traffic, a lack of transparency, domain fraud, ineffective payment structures, etc., promoters and publishers struggle. Blockchain has been proven to be able to address these supply chain problems due to its transparency and dependability. By using this technology, transactions involving advertisements can be handled more effectively.

Supply Chain Administration: Blockchain technology can monitor employment, expenses, and releases at every stage of the supply chain while reducing time delays and human errors. Blockchain can help guarantee that products are legitimate and fair trade by using traceability. Blockchain offers the ability to avoid reputational harm as well as the loss of money from illegal or gray market goods.

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Why Is Blockchain Technology Generating So Much Buzz In 2023? 9

Using blockchain technology in government organizations: The management of extremely huge amounts of data can be facilitated further by the blockchain concept, which can be particularly beneficial for government organizations. Blockchain deployment will result in a powerful data management system with the ability to enhance how these agencies operate.

Unlike any other single service or form of money, the value of the Bitcoin Blockchain increased significantly in 2017. One of the most sought-after commodities on the market is regarded as cryptocurrency. Demand and supply fundamentals do not determine the value of Bitcoin. Even with the set cap of 21 million Bitcoins, demand for the currency will increase once more. For this reason, it is envisaged that governments would develop their own digital money.

Future demand for blockchain experts will be high.

Despite being at the height of its popularity, there aren’t enough Blockchain engineers and specialists in the workforce. You will benefit in the future if you start using Blockchain technology today. Learning about Blockchain technology is advantageous right now.

Criticisms and challenges of blockchain technology

Massive power needed: Recall all the processing power needed to validate transactions? These computers require power. A huge blockchain network’s troublesome desire for increased power is exemplified by Bitcoin. Given the current worries about climate change, the accessibility of power in underdeveloped countries, and the dependability of power in affluent countries, that is not enticing.

The private key’s security: The private key must always be kept a secret because disclosing it to outside parties would be the same as giving them control over the bitcoins it secures. The private key must also be backed up and safeguarded against unintentional loss because if it is lost, it cannot be found and the money it protected is likewise permanently gone.

Transaction speed: This is a problem as well. As we mentioned earlier, the distributed network must verify each block in a chain, which can take some time.

Regulatory problem: Numerous international governments have expressed worry about the cryptocurrency industry and cryptocurrencies. They were unable to impede the expansion of the bitcoin or Ethereum networks, though.

Theoretically, governments may outlaw the possession of cryptocurrencies or involvement in their networks. However, their choice is being contested on a number of legal fronts.

The government’s central bank, which up to now has had a monopoly on the money used in a certain currency, will become weaker by switching to such decentralized or anonymous currency, which is another problem. As a result, the nation’s economic existence and stability are seriously threatened.

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Why Is Blockchain Technology Generating So Much Buzz In 2023? 10

Cost: Although blockchain technology may reduce transaction costs, it is still not completely free. The “proof of work” system, which is used to verify transactions, uses a lot of computational resources.

Users still validate transactions on the blockchain despite the additional cost because they are compensated for doing so. Blockchains without bitcoin still need to compensate miners or provide incentives to do so in order to validate transactions.

Misuse and legality: Blockchain technology may be “hack proof” and “duplicacy proof,” but it also permits unlawful activity on the network. The legitimacy of many actions performed on the dark web is constantly questioned.

Anyone may access financial accounts, but it also makes it simpler for crooks to conduct their business. Since the users are kept anonymous, it is impossible to trace them. Terrorism can also leverage these exchange mechanisms.


Without a doubt, the advantages of Blockchain technology will persuade companies and organizations all over the world to invest more in it. One of the most recent innovations will need some more time to catch on and will require patience as it is still in the early stages. The technology will undoubtedly support a number of businesses as the verification of each piece of data that enters and leaves these Blockchain systems will be a preventer of several problems, despite the fact that the advantages of Blockchain are difficult to ignore.

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